Year of Less - February Update

2018-01-17 13.38.50.jpg

It's been a month since I decided on a no shopping year. So how did it go?

Fairly well when it comes to clothes, beauty products, and yarn. Not a single item purchased. I've used some yarn I already had for my Madewell cardigan (i bought the yarn in 2015 😳). So all good on that front.

I did have a major slip up at Jo-ann yesterday. I went in to get some fabric to finish my daughter's valentine day skirt and oops... I got 2 magazines, a lint brush, extra needles and 3 yards of shirting fabric. Browsing the store was totally a bad idea. I now realize that shopping around is a major trigger and that I should only go when I need something and with a written list. 

I did spend some time looking aimlessly on online store but I always realized that it was out of boredom so I put my phone back in the bag and picked up my knitting or found something more useful to do. 

Overall the first month was not a complete fail but I hope I learned my lesson and that I will stay away from stores.

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