Family challenges and lessons learned

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In December I pitched the idea of doing a challenge with the kids. One month of not eating out. T and L were not happy is the least I can say but I promised them we would have a nice dinner out in NYC to celebrate our success and the deal was on. It took some adjustement of my schedule and cooking habits but we managed. Every time my will weakened one of the kids was there to remind me of the challenge. We did go a whole month with no eating out. The takeaway is that it was easier than I thought and also we got into the habit of not going out so much.

In January I came up with another challenge and it was to go a whole month without TV. This time the prize had to be worth it. The kids had been asking (begging) for a Wii Switch and I promised that if they succeeded they would get it. There was a couple of time when L whined but her brother was quick to remind her. There was this one time when we had guests and the kids did watch TV but overall they kept their end of the bargain and that set me up a couple of hundred dollars back.

We are back to a normal school day no TV/ 2 hours on weekends but what I noticed is that after a painful first couple of days they all came up with ideas to keep them entertained. Projects, crafting or board games. I am very proud of them. 

For February the challenge is only to drink water or milk. No sodas, juices or any sweet drinks. I will keep you updated.

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