A year of less

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Let me be honest. I suck at New Year's resolutions. I start with a bang and sometimes in early February it fizzles and dies. I can't count how many times I resolved to exercise, diet... I never stuck to it.

So a couple of years ago I decided I would not set myself up for failure again. Instead of resolutions, I work on goals around a theme.  I break down the goal into actionable items that are easier to stick with. You might say it's the same but the differentiation works for me.

The motto for this year is A YEAR OF LESS. 

Less things.

Less Shopping. 

Less Distractions

Less overthinking.

The fewer things and less shopping is the result of feeling overwhelmed. I'm not a shopping junkie but I do spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about what we might need, researching it, driving to get it and arranging where to store it. Maybe if I spent less time doing this I would have more time for what really matters like family, friends, crafting... The frustration was there but I couldn't put words to it until I read this article by Anne Patchett. Major lightbulb moment!!!

I came up with a set of arbitrary rules: 

  • No yarn purchases. Use my stash unless I'm missing some to finish a specific project.
  • No fabric purchases.
  • No makeup and beauty products unless I finish everything I already own.
  • No new patterns for sewing.
  • No browsing online stores.
  • No knickknacks or cute stuff with no purpose.
  • No clothes shopping unless I need to replace a worn out item.
  • Use the library as much as you can. Only buy if the book is not available or the wait list is over 1 month.




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