A stash of one’s own


Today’s fun project was to wind my yarn and add it to my Ravelry stash  . I tend to forget what yarn I have around the house and always go to the store to purchase some. I decided to be realistic about how much yarn I could keep and which yarn I would eventually be using. One of the reasons is that I want to craft more and I would love to use my time making instead of purchasing.

I wound all of my yarn in nice little balls and took pictures of it. I set up a small set using a white piece of paper and a nice bright light to get a good exposure. My house is not as bright as I wish it. I did some minor editing in LR and it is now all added to my ravlery stash to be used very soon in a new projects.

Some stats:

  • I have 43 different types of yarns 
  • Most of it is fingering yarn
  • Lots of Blues, Greys and Purples