Marketing fatigue




With a belly full of turkey and a heart full of gratitude I sat to read my emails. My inbox is flooded with Black Friday offers and small business Saturday ads and I am exhausted just looking at it. This moment is the apex of a feeling I’ve had lately. I’ve grown tired of requests for my money coming from everywhere. I look at FB and the ads are there, Instagram has flooded my feed with ads, TV, magazines... I am growing weary and I want to retreat to a space with less ads.

Buy this and you will feel younger, better...Treat yourself you deserve it. The truth is the more I buy the worse I feel. The hole of wants seems to widen instead of filling. In this spirit I am thinking of doing a spend less month. I’ve seen many of these on the blogosphere and I never wanted to hop on the trend. Right now seems a perfect confluence of mood and time. Choosing December as a spend less month might seem anachronistic but I think it makes more sense than ever.

I have discussed it with the kids and I explained that I want them to be reasonable in their requests. One gift seems like a good idea. Something they really really want. The boys were on board but Layla burst into tears at the idea. I think she might be a little young for the experience so she will get a pass this year.  

we will keep the spending on the needs only: 

  • Bills
  • Food
  • Gas
  • Healthcare

Some of the expenses we will cut out: 

  • Eating out (except a dinner we already planned in NYC over the holidays)
  • Starbucks (ouch...)
  • Clothing
  • Hobbies (yarn or fabric) 
  • Books
  • Furniture/Home Décor  

That might be a challenge for me when it comes to books or hobbies purchases but thankfully the library is here and I have enough yarn to hold off on buying for weeks ...or months. 

Starbucks is another guilty pleasure but I have a nice coffee machine that will see a lot more use in the future. 

Let’s see how we go about this